Gratus is a product design studio that works with passion to enhance the customer's product and brand value.
We have gained a lot of design experience through our collaboration with clients in various fields. Our passion for product design and our high level of design are inspiring clients around the world.



The impression, newness and innovation given by a design begins with the trivial observation on and interest in problems. Better solution is proposed by meticulously understanding a design a client wants to have and adding creative idea and experience to the design. Our goal is to provide the highest quality design through a professional design process.



Gratus’ design does not remain in pursuit of a simple external newness or beauty but deduces a reasonable design solution through various methodologies.


1. Understanding Identity

As understanding the identity and problem of given target plays the most important role to determine a correct design direction, it is the process that requires much time in the design process.

2. Determine Direction

Based on the understanding of the target through various research and sufficient discussion, we decide the direction of design for problem solving.

3. visualizations

In the full-scale visualizing process for the design, by adding essential elements of creative idea and differentiated Shape and Detail that are ahead of our time, a design is proposed no one can easily imitate.

4. Simple & Refined Expression

‘Even there are many troubles and complicated process, its result is simple at maximum with the completion of refined visual’, and this is the final design Gratus pursues.

5. High Quality Design

A high-quality design completed through such process will attain the persuasive power to attract client’s eyes and his deep inside the mind. As a result, a corresponding brand or product will have a considerable vitality.

6. Design Patent

Gratus has experienced in filing many patents with high quality and differentiated design. As we have received advice from a professional patent attorney who has high understanding and experience in the patent for design field, it is available to proceed the patent petition if needed.


01. Design Request
  • Design Requirements
  • Estimated
  • Plan to schedule
  • Meeting
  • Contract
02.  Determine Direction
  • Trend Research
  • Product Research
  • User Research
  • Market Research
03. Definite Concept
  • Sketch
  • 2D/3D Rendering
  • Select The Best Results
04. 1st Concept Design
  • Design Supplementary
  • Modification
  • 1st Feedback
05. 2nd Design Development
  • Design Supplementary
  • Modification
  • 2nd Feedback
06. Final Design
  • Final 3D Data
  • Design Mock-up
  • Mock-up Supervision